Daikin Air Purifiers are now available for purchase from Swan Associates! The new Daikin Air Purifier has a unique approach to protect the environment in your home, office, or anywhere clean air is important. The technology Daikin has used for this product is a specific Streamer discharge which decomposes and removes all allergens. Allergens in the air include mold, mites, pollen or odors. 


  1. Powerful Suction

The unique design of this air intake purification system allows a greater volume of air to be cleaned faster and more efficiently.

  1. Air Cleaning

The Daikin Air Purifier removes adjuvant substances like viruses, and bacteria. Additionally allergens like mites, mold and pollen.

  1. Deodorization

Not only are allergens and bacteria broken down, but this technology can also decompose and remove bad odors through the Streamer and filter technologies. 

  1. Convenience

Operation of the device is simple and easy by including a monitor displaying the current air conditions in the environment.  

How Does it Work?

Massive streamer discharge hits the viruses or bacteria and attaches itself to the protein. The streamer discharge then begins to break down and decompose the surface protein through oxidation. Once the protein has been destroyed, it begins to get fragmented and reverts the protein to safe nitrogen atoms, oxygen atoms, and water molecules. 

Below is a diagram of the process:

Having an air purification system in your home or building will immediately deliver results. It decomposes harmful substances, makes the air more breathable and helps keep skin and throat from becoming dry. Swan Associates provides outstanding design solutions and only offers products we know and believe in. We support consulting engineers, building owners and mechanical contractors alike. Swan Associates has grown to become one of the largest independent representatives of Commercial HVAC for Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. Swan continues to pride itself on exceptional service, products and the people we work with. 


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