Swan Associates is excited to announce that Daikin has officially released its new Daikin VRV Emerion. Integration with Daikin’s new IoT Remote Monitoring Service, Connectivity, Sustainability –and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what’s possible with our new VRV EMERION

The new Daikin VRV unit offers efficiencies up to 30 IEER alongside a single module 20 ton unit! Daikin has reset the bar again, while this unit offers reduced electrical draws and an integral base pan heater – fantastic for the Northeast. 

Daikin and SWAN Associates continues to offer the best in VRV technology.

Get Connected With The Next Generation of VRV

With improvements in functionality, sustainability and simplicity, the VRV is the next big thing from Daikin. The great strides made since the VRV IV have inspired an entirely new name. EMERION is the combination of Emerald — a precious stone from the earth — and Ion, a symbol of our mission to make electrical inverters the A/C standard in North America.

Why Daikin? – Over 30 Years of VRV Experience

Daikin invented the first VRV system in 1982 and has continued to set standards in the industry all while heightening the market expectations and standards.