That’s right, it’s November! You know what that means – The holidays are approaching, and approaching FAST! November means Thanksgiving, with large family gatherings, lots of food and many dishes. There is one thing you may have forgotten about, the garbage disposal. Thanksgiving clean up puts a lot more stress on the garbage disposal in one day compared to its usual use. Below are some tips T Bro’s have prepared for you so you don’t have a stinky clogged garbage disposal with a home full of guests!

1. Clean & Sharpen the Garbage Disposals Blades

A pro tip for this is actually freezing some vinegar ice cubes to do this job! A few times a month, throw a vinegar ice cube down the garbage disposal. The ice will knock off any large food chunks from the blades and vinegar is a natural cleaning agent as it melts into all the hard to get nooks and crannies of the disposal.

2. Running Cold Water

While disposing of the food down the garbage disposal, this goes for on Thanksgiving or any other day of the year. Make sure to run cold water because hot water leads to the food melting, or becoming soft and sticking to the blades. Which then creates bacteria and stinky smells!

3. Watch out for the Problem Foods!

Garbage disposals are extremely strong, but there are some things they shouldn’t process in order to reduce plumbing problems. Pay attention and make sure some of these items don’t go down the disposal:

  • Grease (Shouldn’t go down your sink drain either!)
  • Bones (Turkey or others!)
  • Bread (Or other food that expands in water)
  • Potato Peels (These can form a thick paste, ruining the blades)
  • Fibrosis Foods (Example: Celery, the strings of celery stalk can wrap around the blades and ultimately break the garbage disposal)

Keep Your Garbage Disposal Smelling Fresh!

Even if your garbage disposal is working fine, sometimes it can just have a lingering odor you can’t seem to get rid of. A quick and easy tip to getting your disposal to smell fresh again is clogging your drain, running some soapy water and letting it sit for a minute while activating the disposal. After, throw some fresh citrus down there! 

We hope you have a happy and stress free holiday! If you do run into any unfortunate garbage disposal or plumbing problems, make sure to give TBro’s a call! 

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