Swegon continues to address growing owner demand for indoor environments that enhance occupant satisfaction while minimizing energy consumption and operational carbon.

Swegon’s improved PARAGON offering of one-way, adjustable discharge chilled beam is installed in bulkheads and walls to provide energy efficiency, controllability, and operating safety proven through decades of application experience and installed in thousands of guest rooms across North America. 

PARAGON addresses ventilation and comfort requirements in hotel rooms, patient care rooms, dormitories, and small office spaces. Chilled and/or hot water circulates through the PARAGON coil to condition the room air for outstanding occupant comfort. The new fourth-generation PARAGON version d offers an innovative variable k-factor nozzle design, which makes airflow adjustment easy using an indexed knob mounted on the chilled beam. Swegon is pleased to offer PARAGON as a standalone chilled beam or as part of the Swegon Chilled Beam System Solution, which includes GOLD Energy Recovery Air Handling Units, All Year Comfort, and a variety of grilles, registers, and diffusers.