Daikin supplies industry leading efficiency featuring easy integration for most systems! Daikin currently has a large number of chillers in stock right now for immediate shipment. As a proud Daikin partner, Swan can be called today to put in your order for fast and efficient service.

What is a Chiller?

A chiller makes cold water or a cold glycol mixture to be able to cool buildings in the process. Often used in conjunction with coils in air handlers, chillers receive warm fluid from the handler, lower temperatures of the fluid and then a pump returns the fluid to the handler coil.  

Two Main Varieties of Chillers:

Air Cooled:

Rejects the heat absorbed from the building or process directly to the outdoor air using refrigerant to air coils and fans that blow outdoor air directly over those coils.

Water Cooled:

Rejects the absorbed heat to an additional fluid loop that can then reject the heat through a secondary device such as a cooling tower which is very common.

In Stock with Swan now:

  • Magnetic Centrifugals Model WMC starting at 250 tons
  • Magnetic Centrifugal Model WME092 – single compressor 570 tons
  • Air Cooled Scroll Model AGZ various tonnages from 40-240 tons
  • Air Cooled Screw Model AWV016 – 250 tons

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