Ventum is a 100% outside air ventilation and energy recovery system with VRF integration that allows increased ventilation rates with very low energy consumption and usage. It is an all-electric HVAC solution which produces no greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally it is very low profile allowing for decentralized ventilation in new commercial buildings. Below are some of the great features and benefits of the Ventum system.


Energy Efficient 

Ventum offers variable speeds and ECM direct driven fans with low energy consumption for a high efficiency solution. The counter flow core allows for no moving parts and no cross contamination. 

Healthier Buildings

Ventum uses 100% outside air with zero recirculation. The counter flow core is made of a polymer membrane with no virus crossover.


An all-electric ventilation solution that also helps control and reduce the carbon footprint of commercial buildings. All while bringing fresh outside air into the building’s space. Additionally Ventum integrates with Daikin’s VRV outdoor units for temperature and humidity control for year round comfort. 

Low Profile

With a smaller unit it opens up valuable space either on the roof or in the mechanical room.