You’re looking up at your roof and notice that there’s something peculiar on your shingles. What is it? Mold, mildew or soil that somehow made its way up there? Is roof cleaning necessary? Can you do this alone, or need to hire a professional?

Most likely, that unidentifiable sludge is algae or mold. Algae is able to grow on roofs in areas where water or moisture collect. They can actually begin to grow and reach the roof by either birds or wind. If it is green, it is most likely moss, which grows also  with moisture, but also in a shaded environment.

If you see sludge, moss or algae on your roof, what should you do? Is roof cleaning necessary, or should you leave it alone?

One reason to clean your roof is to extend the life of your shingles or other roofing material. While algae isn’t harmful to asphalt shingles, moss can be. Moss can make the edges of the shingles curl upward, making them more likely to blow off the roof during windy weather. Algae won’t harm your shingles, it can negatively affect their performance. 

One of the biggest drawbacks of maybe needing to clean your roof is the hassle. The idea of climbing up on your roof and hosing it down, or using a chemical cleaner to kill off the algae or moss can be extremely time consuming, or even dangerous. H&H Exteriors advises against doing any work on your own roof, including cleaning it. Roof cleaning is a job to leave to the pros, so give us a call today to schedule a roof inspection! If your roof is overly grown with algae or moss, it could even be time to replace your roof entirely. 

If it does turn out that your roof needs replacement, your contractor might recommend shingles that contain copper or another material that helps to repel algae growth. A roofing pro, like H&H, can also give you tips on keeping your roof clean and how frequently to schedule cleaning!

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