Not all shingles on your roof are treated the same, did you know that? This is especially true when it comes to extreme temperatures, especially during those summer months. Many shingles these days even offer an SPF within them, how amazing is that! This summer, with predictions of record high temperatures across New England, understanding how your roof and its shingles perform is essential to keeping you and your family cool, while saving on energy costs. Trust a contractor like H&H to help you make the best decision on shingles for your roof this year!

There are different types of UV rays that the shingles you choose can block. This can be an extremely daunting task if you have no idea what options are available or to choose from. This is where your roofing contractor like H&H can help you immensely. Choosing the right color and proper coatings of shingles are a huge factor when making your selection. 

More Tips to Ensure Your Roof Will Provide Proper Heat Protection:

– Air flow and ventilation within shingles

– Your contractor will make sure your roofs insulation is up to standards

– Use quality materials from reputable manufacturers

– Choose the most sustainable option to help increase energy efficiency

Choosing the right roof will have a major impact on the homeowners bottom line! In New England our roofs go through extreme temperature changes, creating variables that can be hard to understand when choosing the correct roof for our homes. From extreme heat during the summer to frozen, below zero temperatures in the winter. H&H Exteriors is here to help you choose the most sustainable and practical roof to keep the heat in when it’s wanted, and keep it out when it’s not!  

How to Beat The Heat This Summer