Vinyl siding is the most popular option for homeowners being cost-effective, durable and attractive. The siding of our homes protects us from the outdoor elements, while getting pretty dirty from mother nature while doing so. When springtime comes around, we’re usually all eager to start cleaning and clearing out our homes. Cleaning the outside siding of our homes is usually forgotten about, but worth it in the end!

What You Need to Start

Most hardware stores will have a vinyl siding cleaning solution that can be bought, but there are also many homemade cleaning solutions you can find available all over the internet. A very popular option is 70% water and 30% white vinegar, this is effective and environmentally friendly. Additionally a soft bristle brush or cloth to scrub will be needed, along with a bucket, hose, and an optional pressure washer. 

Cleaning Mold and Tough Stains

Mold can be very common on siding because of moist areas, leaking gutters etc. Bleach or vinegar will be very efficient by killing the mold and mildew bacteria. On tougher spots a harder bristle brush will help along with a baking soda solution. Start with the most noticeable spots and make sure to rinse off any excess cleaning products. 

Pressure Washer vs By Hand

Cleaning your entire house by hand can be extremely time consuming and tiring. Pressure washers can save a lot of time and energy but if not handled properly, can damage siding. Washing the outside of your home by hand will produce effective results, but may take you all day. You will be able to see and attack any really tough stains along with noticing any small cracks or inconsistencies with the siding. A pressure washer will deliver clean and consistent results as well, but must be handled with care. An upward spray can damage the siding allowing more mold and mildew to grow. Instead, taking a few steps back, pointing the pressure washer horizontally and using a back and forth motion is the best way to clean the siding. Using a pressure washer or cleaning by hand will both produce great results, it is really up to the homeowner on the route they want to take


Vinyl siding is a very popular and durable exterior wrapping for homes because of its aesthetics and weatherproofing abilities. Every now and then it is a great idea to deep clean the inside and outsides of our homes to make sure everything is working properly. Vinyl siding does a wonderful job protecting our families from the elements, so annually inspecting and cleaning it will allow it to continue doing its job!

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